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"Keep it a goodvybe" embodies a vision of cultivating an online community where civility and human decency are the standard. This is not the space for excessive toxic behaviors and repeat offenses can result in removal from the server without appeal.



The heart of this server beats in our peer-run classrooms. In this space Members may join or host classes to learn and teach with peers in the community. Anything you believe you can teach another soul via video can be shared in this space, the structuring of each class is determined by the host.



When you join the server and accept the rules with a /agree command in our member-rules channel you gain access to an array of sections ranging from art sharing and media posts to live chats and our text-based community. Participatng in the community gains experience and levels with addional perks. 


Of course, we know it cannot realistically be all goodvybes all the time, we're humans with emotions. For those just itching for a verbal battle, our verified 18+ Members have access to the ARENA in our Live Chats section -- up to 25 participants may join "at their own risk," and verbally battle it out -- those who cannot handle the Arena, MUST leave the arena. Staff will not interefere with disputes here.



This is a server for mature audiences and all who enter must be 18+ in order to remain on the server. The rules provide basic guidelines and Staff reserves the right to remove problematic users. Anyone can type @minions to ping for staff assistance anywhere on the server.