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"Keep it a goodvybe" embodies a vision of cultivating an online community where civility and human decency are the standard. Shame, blame and devaluation in this server may receive warnings in an effort to foster an all-inclusive and compassionate environment. Repeat offenses can result in removal from the server without appeal.



We embrace community care and welcome those who respect individual differences and experiences. At goodvybe we recognize the internet is a global community with people from all over the world and we have a series of security gates to obtain specialized access.

To obtain your Member role simply type  /agree  in our ❗server-rules❕ at the top of the server. This will grant you access to an array of sections ranging from art sharing and media posts to LIVE CHATS with [⚡] HUBS to create your own live channels and our text-based ✨ COMMUNITY channels. Participatng in the community gains experience and levels with server-related perks. 


What goes on inside your designatred rooms is up to you! Staff will only intervene in cases of HARASSMENT in our LIVE CHATS. If the room is not a goodvybe for you, consider making your own and inviting your friends to join you! Those with 💕 Affiliate or 💚 VIP roles may create customizable channels that do not delete automatically.


ALL MEMBERS are advised to LEAVE if any room feels uncomfortable for them. Bad days can happen for everyone. Removing yourself is an effective boundary. If you are being harassed, stalked or otherwise made to feel unsafe beyond your ability to control from anyone in the goodvybe server, submit a REPORT using our #🎫ticket-panel on the top of the server.



This is a server for mature audiences and all who enter must be 18+ in order to remain on the server. The rules provide Members with guidelines and Staff reserves the right to remove any problematic users. Anyone can type @minions to ping for staff assistance anywhere on the server.  -- Keep it a goodvybe...